Torino to Amsterdam, via the Ivory Coast

Back in November 2016 Ivorian director Philippe Lacôte picked up the DPC II award at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event for his second feature project Zama King (France/Ivory Coast). The award qualified him to attend the next DPC II workshop, running November 28 – December 1 2017.

Zama King, about a young Abidjan street bandit, is scheduled to shoot in June 2018. It follows Lacôte’s well-received debut feature Run, set against the backdrop of Ivory Coast’s decade-long civil war, which premiered in Un Certain Regard in 2014.

“The shooting will take place in Ivory Coast, where there is no film industry and very few rental companies. In this context, we have to find the best solutions for the shooting, with devices coming from abroad, adapted to the very humid climate, and with no quick possibility of replacement,” comments Philippe. “So we need a solid camera but also a light one, as many scenes in the film will be shot hand-held. And we need an image offering many possibilities in post, as we will have many night scenes and also some scenes using VFX.  During the DPC II workshop, we hope to discuss the best camera options, and also to imagine the smoothest workflow, as the shooting, the post-production and the VFX will not take place in the same country.”

Workflow has been a primary concern for Philippe throughout his career, although the options shooting on film were limited when compared tp digital production. “ I have also experimented with a different type of production and postproduction on with a short titled Affaire Libinski. This film was shot in Medium Format Photography, so in still images, which we then reshot in post on 35mm film, on an animation stand.  In my last feature Run, the production and postproduction workflow were particularly important because there were special effects during the shooting and VFX in post, and we had to prepare everything very carefully. With Zama King I would like to improve from this experience, and think through the whole process, including the VFX and special effects, much more in advance.”

If you are pitching your projects at the upcoming TorinoFilmLab Script&Pitch event then you may well be the next DPC II award winner, and play a key role at our expert post-production training workshop in late 2018.