“NIGHT OF THE KINGS” in Oscar Consideration

DPC II is pleased to announce that its 2017 Alumus project ” Night of the Kings” is Variety magazine’s pick for nomation for the Academy Award 2021 for Best International Feature as well as for Best Foreign Film for the 2021 Golden Globes.

“Night of the Kings” (Ivory Coast, France, Canada, Senegal) is directed by Philippe Lacôte, produced by Delphine Jaquet (Banshee Films), Ernest Konan (Wassakara Productions), Yanick Létourneau (Peripheria) and Yoro Mbaye (Yennenga Production).

Variety said about the film: “Even now, in 2020, Africa remains the most cinematically underrepresented continent (not counting Antarctica), and Lacôte makes a compelling ambassador for Ivory Coast, blending age-old local customs with contemporary style to deliver a viewing experience that couldn’t have hailed from any other country.” You can read more here.

The film is being sold by Memento Films after a successful run at the Sundance and Rotterdam Film Festivals.