DPC II owes its success every year to a core of dedicated professionals ranging from producers and cinematographers to DITs and post-production supervisors, all of whom hammer home the need for excellence in the workflow process. As the film business evolves, more professionals are added every year to tackle the new and specific challenges faced by filmmakers.

Producer, zero fiction film, Germany
Martin Hagemann
From 1990 to 2006 Martin Hagemann produced numerous features and documentaries for TV and cinema, with directors such as Hal Hartley, Aleksandr Sokurov and Roger Spottiswoode, among others.
DIT & Workflow Supervisor, Germany
Florian Rettich
Florian has worked as a HD supervisor and DIT (BVK) since the beginning of time (at least in digital cinema terms) and is renowned as a specialist on all kinds of digital acquisition technology and workflow.
Cinematographer & Digital Imaging Supervisor, France
Philippe Ros
Philippe Ros specializes in hand-held camera and ergonomics issues. He is acquainted with all digital shooting systems and the post-production workflows linked to them.
Digital Cinema Imaging Expert, CEO Noir Lumière,
France and Key Account Manager for Leica Cine Lenses
at CW Sonderoptic
Tommaso Vergallo
Tommaso has 20 years experience working as production manager in several key Europe digital labs with some of contemporary cinema’s leading auteurs.
Post Production Supervisor and Digital Imaging Specialist
Miga Bär
Miga is a post-production specialist with 10 years of experience in feature film and episodic drama.
He is highly skilled in color management and workflow optimization and has a special preference for sharing knowledge with other professionals.
Project Manager
Sophie Bourdon
Training, sales and festival expert Sophie has 25 years of experience in the film industry and is currently head of Locarno’s co-production platform Open Doors.
Producer and MEDIA Expert
Konstantina Stavrianou
Konstantina Stavrianou co-founded Graal, a production company and a post-production facility in Athens. She oversees the production & co-production sectors for both Greek and international productions and is Graal’s co-managing director.
Head of Studies
Paul Miller
Paul is an Amsterdam-based independent producer and a partner at both Film Bridge Capital (NL), a film financing and consulting company and Film Solutions (UAE) which produces Arabic and English language content for the international market.

Past Edition Visiting Experts

Gary E. Beach (VFX Supervisor, Czech Republic) François Dupuy (Post-Production Manager, Noir Lumière, France) Ben Kempass (Documentary Campaign Strategist, Film & Campaign Ltd, UK) Sylvain Lagrillère (Head of Servicing & Technical Operations, Memento Films International, France) Kyveli Short (Production Manager, Anemon Productions, Greece & Coordinator of EDN-Moving Docs Distribution Network) Rémy Chevrin (cinematographer, France, “A La Vie”) John Christian Rosenlund (Cinematographer, Norway, “The King’s Choice”) Sidonie Waserman (Post-production Supervisor, Epithète Films, France, “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet) Konstantina Stavrianou (Graal S.A., Post-production, Greece, “A Blast”)Titus Kreyenberg (Producer, unafilm, Germany, “A Blast”) Florence Gilles (Post-production Supervisor, France “Michael Kohlhaas) Meredith Burkholder (Webfest Berlin, Germany) Thomas Heinemann (producer, Germany, “Positive Sinking”) Joaquim Carvalho (Producer, Portugal, “Cartas da Guerra”) Uljana Kim (Producer, Studio Uljana Kim, Lithuania, “The Gambler”) Robert Vinovskis (Producer, Locomotive Productions, Latvia, “Sanatorium of Ashes”) Mikko Tenhunen (Producer, Mjölk Movies, Finland, “2 Nights Till Morning”) Radoslaw Ochnio (Sound Designer & Editor, Poland,“Fuck For Forest”) Mikolaj Pokromski (Producer, Poland, “Fuck for Forest”) Gilles Sacutto (Producer, TS Productions, France, “An Estonian Woman”) Susan Rüdlinger (Producer, Cobra Film, Switzerland “Rosie”) Joergen Storm Rosenberg (Producer, Norway, “Blue Gnomes Return to Blue Mountain”)Jane Spencer (Director Producer, US/France, “The Ninth Cloud”) Riccardo Marchegiani (Post-production Supervisor, Babe Films, France, “Le Guetteur”) Kaspar Winkler (Producer, Tilt Production, Switzerland) Jessica Ask, Producer (DPCII Alumnus 2016, Anagram Films, Producer, Halvern Viking, Sweden)Peter Mokrosinski (Cinematographer, Halvdan Viking, Sweden) Kostas Varympopiotis (Sound Re-Recording Mixer, Greece) Persefoni Miliou (Sound Designer, Greece) Loeandros Ntounis (Location Sound Recordist, Greece) Alexandre Donot (Editor, Guy, France) Alexandre Westphal (Editor, Guy, France) Arne Birkenstock (Producer, The Fruit Market Arts and Media, The Congo Tribunal, Germany)