DPCII is back for a brand new online edition in March 2021. The workshop will take place over four days from March 29 – April 1. DPC II is delighted to announce that it has newly partnered with FEST, the renowned Portuguese based film festival and training programme together with additional support from the Portuguese Film Institute (ICA). Paul Miller stated “that DPC is thrilled to be partnering with FEST, which bring with them a wealth of experience from their festival and world class workshop series”. Filipe Pereira added, “ for FEST it is a pleasure to team up with DPC II high level team and program, this new partnership will surely deliver an exciting program in 2021, giving continuity to this highly relevant program”.

The Digital Era: an ever-shifting landscape


Bad workflow renders filmmaking clumsy and costly. Good workflow saves time and money, leading to a better end product. DPC II focuses solely on the latter.

The DPC II approach is hands-on, offering participants personalized expertise to overcome the real-time challenges they are encountering on the projects they have brought to the workshop.

We also offer technical solutions via intriguing case studies, expert panel discussions and group sessions to overcome workflow dilemmas. So even if you don’t attend the workshop with a project, you will leave primed with the skills and tools to manage future workflow.

We explain the step-by-step process of decision-making, on set and during post-production, guiding participants in terms of delivery materials and media archiving.

Preparing for distribution of your film is essential to the filmmaking process. DPC II will enable you to make the correct production choices (including camera hardware) to suit your chosen distribution strategy, whether theatrical, broadcast or internet-based.


Who can apply?

Twenty-five places are available on the DPC II workshop for talented European and international professionals, priority given to producers, line producers, filmmakers, cinematographers, production and post-production managers. All applicants must have professional experience in feature/documentary production.

Scholarships for tuition fees available for participants from Creative Europe MEDIA programme countries. These are primarily for participants from low income countries.


Monday 29 March 2021
Thursday 1 April 2021




With project: 450 Euros
Without project: 350 Euros


February 18, 2021 – for applicants with projects
February 28, 2021 – for applicants without projects

The Benefits

DCP II demonstrates how to achieve better work-time efficiency in post-production workflow, which means less stress, greater satisfaction and the delivery of a creatively enhanced film.

The workshop also shows each participant how to balance the post-production budget.

As importantly, DCP II serves to underline the market value of each participant, reinforcing their status as essential and highly skilled partners within the business of collaborative filmmaking.

Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will have acquired a precise, comprehensive and practical understanding of the most commonly used digital workflows and the reasons for their application, including:

  • Suitability and Budget Costs
  • Communication and division of tasks/duties between the director, the cinematographer, the post-production facility and production
  • Organising, viewing, controlling and archiving shot materials
  • Making the right production choices to suit the eventual distribution platform

In the process, participants will feel confident in their ability to determine the most economically stable and creative solutions for their film.

DPC II Extra

At DPC II professionals can participate without a project but there are additional benefits if you do, whether it be a feature-length film (fiction or documentary), cross media or a web series.

Why? For those who come with a project in development or pre-production, DPC II offers personalized one-to-one guidance, group advisory sessions and considered advice both on ideal workflow and the preferred distribution plan.

As you consult with some of the sector’s leading players (and a team of fellow participants eager to help, learn and share) you will soon realize that this is the most economical way to solve the workflow problems that you are encountering on your current project, and to prepare yourself for future challenges.

Participants without projects will also benefit greatly from these highly illuminating group discussions with project holders, as well as from the expert presentations, case-studies and panel discussions.


Experts • Speakers • Moderators

DPC II owes its success every year to a core of dedicated professionals ranging from producers and cinematographers to DITs and post-production supervisors, all of whom hammer home the need for excellence in the workflow process. As the film business evolves, more professionals are added every year to tackle the new and specific challenges faced by filmmakers.

What they say about it:
Comments from DPC II Alumni
Since 2009, more than 200 professionals have benefitted from top-level DPC II post-production training and guidance.
Here are some of their comments:

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